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Senior Staff

Anissa Brennan

Senior Vice President, Trade Policy & International Affairs

Neil Fried

Senior Vice President for Federal Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs

Marilyn Gordon

Senior Vice President of Advertising, Vice-Chairperson of the Classification and Rating Administration

Joan Graves

Senior Vice President & Chairman, Classification and Rating

Suzanne Nall

Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

Ed Neubronner

Senior Vice President, Regional Operations, Communications, Corporate Affairs & Administration, Asia-Pacific

Wendy Noss

President, Motion Picture Association-Canada

Dan Robbins

Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Jane Saunders

Managing Director and Senior Vice President, Rights Management Policy

Ben Sheffner

Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Copyright & Legal Affairs

Vans Stevenson

Senior Vice President, State Government Affairs

Karen Thorland

Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Shanna Winters

Senior Vice President, Global Policy & International Affairs